Wheat And Tares

Wheat And Tares

Ref. Matthew 13:24-30.

The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares, or weeds, among the wheat and went his way. The devil always plants his own agents among the children of the kingdom. He knows that to have any influence and effect he has to penetrate God’s kingdom from within. The word says he went away, meaning you will not see the devil in the midst of believers but his works as carried by and through his covert agents. Even in questionable, unscrupulous churches you will not see the devil, he’s not there however his seeds are growing continually.

The Lord reveals amazing things through this parable of the wheat and tares. Number one weeds coexist with wheat. They’re together and grow together. The false always coexist with the real so that it’s very hard to detect. Number two weeds resemble wheat so that you cannot tell them apart. This is the part that has people divided in opinion because both false and true Christians look, sound, talk, dress and behave alike. This is the devil’s character and ploy to deceive. Every church look the same to the eye, and so does every minister. Do not be deceived.

Number three weeds cannot be removed now because doing so will potentially hurt the wheat. Most of the wheat can’t tell the difference because the weeds look just like them, so they think they’re one with them. Number four separation between wheat and tares will only be done by the angels of God at the end of the age. In that time everyone and everything will be clearly revealed. As for now the false, the deceived and the deceiving have their time to shine. Many cannot see them for who and what they are yet. The hypocritical, self-loving, divisive, covetous, money-grubbing are not part of us. Brethren, be discerning these are times of great deception and falling away.


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