Leaven Of The Pharisees

Leaven Of The Pharisees

Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy – Like 12:1.

Are you aware that what you’ve been taught could be wrong, false, deceptive or misleading? We’re living in the age where people exalt and idolize ministers, and believe implicitly in what they teach and practice? Men are fallible, but the truth is not. Most people don’t believe and follow truth, but believe and follow ministers, instead. Most ministers, especially the celebrity type, don’t teach truth, nor live it.

We’re in real danger if we’re just going to imbibe and assimilate everything someone regurgitates in the name of the gospel. It’s a real present danger that even the Lord had to warn about. The Lord called it what it is, hypocrisy. It doesn’t matter who says it, teaches or preaches, wrong is wrong, and half a truth is no truth, at all. It’s wrong to believe something merely because of who says it.

Wrong teachings and practices break, hurt and mislead people. They denigrate and make people feel unworthy, useless and not good enough. They devalue and cause an inferiority complex in a person. They mar people spiritually, emotionally and mentally permanently, if there’s no help. Many people are still nursing these wounds, and struggling through them.

More have been so damaged that they cannot progress properly in life. Marred, scarred and wounded. Beware who teach you, and what and how they teach you. Myriads have fallen from the faith and turned from the truth. Divine relationships and marriages have been brutally severed because of hypocrites, and their hypocritical doctrines and practices.


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