Tough Times Never Last

Tough Times Never Last

Friday, 25 May 2018

If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small – Proverbs 24:10.

Christianity is a lifetime. Like a marathon, it’s for the long haul, but definitely not a quick run, gallop or rush. It’s not an outburst, but steady going. This is a very pivotal distinction to make because life is a whole slew of good and bad events. To be able to navigate through them our lives must be based on something stronger and surer than our troubles, and more trustworthy than our feelings and emotions. Life doesn’t end or change nor does time skip a moment, just because we had a bad day. Days and nights come and go. Good and bad times come and go. We can be certain of this. Thus our lives must be founded and anchored on something that outshines and outlasts the vicissitudes of life and time itself.

Christianity is a lifelong relationship with God. It’s not based on or affected by what happens to us, or around us. Each Christian should have their relationship with God. It’s important, very important. If all of us had a healthy, growing personal relationship with our Father, then we’d not allow anyone or anything to take the wind out of our sails. Instead we’d grow stronger, more mature and begin to see things in a brand new perspective. We’d begin to understand that everything changes, nothing is permanent or stays the same, save God’s love for us, our faith and relationship with Him.

Now the above Scripture means that if you’re weak in trouble, fail in difficulty, falter in crisis or crumble under pressure you have a poor relationship with God. Crude, isn’t it? But that’s the word of God. It simply accentuates the fact that we should have a personal relationship with God, a living faith and hope in Him and a determined, forward looking attitude – no matter what happens. Holy Spirit always helps and strengthens us whatever condition or situation we may find ourselves in. So it’s not our wit or wherewithal, but His power that sees us through it all.


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