God Is A Giver

God Is A Giver

Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full – Luke 6:38 NLT.

What makes people doubt God is not just that they don’t believe Him, but it’s also that they don’t understand Him – because even people who believe God also doubt Him. What people don’t understand they generally disregard and pay it no particular attention. It’s this lack of interest in knowing God and understanding how He operates that results in Christians being taken to the cleaners by ‘ministers’ who peddle the gospel for profit and to satisfy their own greed.

The Word says those who diligently seek the Lord will be blessed by Him, that is – He will give to them and not short-change them. However, when people lack knowledge of God and how He operates they keep giving of themselves and their substance but receive very little or nothing in return. God is essentially a giver, not a taker. What He takes from you He multiplies it and give it back to you in many different forms or ways.


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