Like Him

Like Him

 Unless you are converted and become as little children – Matthew 18:3.


The goal of every believer is to become like Christ in spirit, mind and character. However, this comes about by an inner change. True change is internal. A changed heart leads to a changed mind and life. To be Christlike is to be childlike. Children are trusting, humble and forgiving. To be Christlike is to believe and trust God implicitly, to do away with our own ingrained self-righteous pride, and to forgive unconditionally at the drop of a hat – just like a child does. Kids love, trust and forgive without any qualms, it comes naturally to them because it’s who they are. It’s similar with a changed or childlike believer, they’re humble, loving, trusting of God and forgive easily because it’s who they are now. Changed, transformed, childlike – Christlike.


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