Whose You Are

Whose You Are

The ox knows its owner and the donkey its master’s crib; but Israel does not know – Isaiah 1:3.

The Lord says that animals are better than a lot of people because they know who their owner is, who feeds and takes care of them. However, not so with a lot of folks out there, they believe such crass ideas as evolution, atheism or agnosticism. It’s a jungle of humans out there. Christians, notwithstanding, some are believers who actually don’t believe. They really don’t know their Master, who feeds and takes care of them. They don’t believe, know or understand. When we don’t believe, know or understand God, we make ourselves less than animals because at least they know their owner. When we don’t believe or know that God will come through for us in any situation, we elevate animals above us. When we don’t know or believe that things will eventually turn up for our good, we agree with the Scripture that animals with a lesser and lower nature than humans have a better common sense. We have to know, understand and believe that we have a bright future and a great hope, because if we don’t we prove ourselves to be unbelieving believers. You know that unbelief is the reason for a no-show from God in our lives. Do you know whose you are, of certainty? Because who you are stems from whose you are.

Born Of God


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