Living Faith

Living Faith

We achieve this victory through our faith – 1 John 5:4 NLT.

Faith that counts is one we live and act by. The Word categorically states that every child of God lives by his/her faith. So those who live by faith are true sons and daughters of God. Living faith has works, fruits, actions or deeds. Living faith has evidence, it has results. It is this kind of faith that pleases God, glorify and honor Him. We know that without faith it’s impossible to please Him, let alone by dead faith. Most people claim to have faith, but don’t live and act by it. This is an affront to the integrity of the faith of the Scriptures. Living faith is productive, fruitful, it has results. Living faith has living proof, not living spoof. Everyone born of God is victorious and overcomes through living faith. True faith is not hoping into nothingness for something, not at all. True faith has evidence. Living faith is the substance of whatever we hope or pray for, or desire; the evidence or proof of it before we see it. Faith is not abstract or theory, it’s real and alive. You might never achieve any good thing until you start believing for it, no matter how long it might take.


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