Manifest Faith

Manifest Faith

Now faith is – Hebrews 11:1.

Faith believes now, receives now and acts now. Faith is always in the present. We believe the word now. Scripture talks about the person who trembles at God’s word. That is the person who believes the word now, receives it now and responds to it now. Our response to the word should be one of expectation. That is to say that our attitude towards the word of God should be active and responsive. We should be involved, engaged with the word. When we engage the word, the word engages us. We should have a living response towards the word. That is faith, that’s how it is manifest. Traditional response to the word doesn’t cut it. It makes people grow religious, pedestrian and weak. The world is yet to see and experience manifest people of faith. You could be one, and you should be one today. Take the word of God serious, engage it and let it guide and fuel your desire. The outcome of this is combustible, explosive faith that has results.



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