Servant Of All

Servant Of All

But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant – Matthew 23:11.

These days the bretheren are more interested in their own callings than serving in the house. People can’t wait to run off and start Churches and have zero interest in serving where they are placed by God. They pine for greatness, to be called papa, ‘woman of God’, ‘major one’, ‘mr/mrs/miss big shot’! So very often these papa Churches are the most disorderly and filthiest of ‘houses of prayer’ because everybody is somebody. The person who cleans the toilets is not the one driving the mercedes, forget it. The big shots come to Church at 08:59 just as service is about to start, they are important to themselves. Verse 10 of our scripture reference says ‘And do not be called teachers; for One is your Teacher, the Christ.’ In another place it says ‘For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.’ We are called by His Name, that is the highest honor, but we end up more interested in the title of the office because of our deep urge for distinction. We want to be set apart from the bretheren and we want the place of honor, instead of heeding Jesus’ instruction to be child like and servant of all.

What we see happening in the body now is believers who don’t bring anything to the house of God they have mainly come to get. They find it easier to obey the tithe scriptures because there is the expectation of a return, they turn a deaf ear to calls for people to serve. The bretheren treat the house of God like the godless workplaces they are so committed to. They ask ‘but who’s job is it to empty the bin in the bathrooms?’, it may very well be yours if indeed you are a child and a servant in the house. Few people serve in Church, few people give of themselves in Church, most have come to receive. To receive a loving welcome, to receive the best seat or the seat they want, to receive a clean toilet, to receive a tidy house, to receive prayers, to receive a blessing through the man/woman of God. The ones who come early leave last and the ones who come late leave first! Very few come to the house of God to give. Very few come to the house of God to serve.

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