God is faithful – 1 Corinthians 1:9.

God has never failed to deliver. He’s never made a promise He couldn’t keep. He’s faithful, consistent and reliable. There’s actually no reason why one wouldn’t believe and trust Him. He’s worthy of trust. He doesn’t back flip on a promise or any undertaking. He’s perfectly reliable and dependable. We need to change and adjust our view of God, because for the most part we hardly see nor regard Him in the right light. Sometimes we may say that we believe and trust Him but don’t act it. Our attitude, behavior and actions are far more important than mere words lathered with good intentions. No one can be on God’s side and lose or regret. When we choose to be on God’s side everything eventually pans out right. Trust God in the wait, in the delay and in time because His ways are sure, tried and tested.

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