Cooperation Not Help

Cooperation Not Help

Friday, 12 April 2019

Having made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Himself – Ephesians 1:9

Despite man’s evolution and enlightenment we still have no control in the grand scheme of things. God is in control. He is working out everything in conformity with the purpose of His sovereign will. In the same way it is futile to contend with a judge, to challenge your parents or to exchange blows with ones husband, it is self defeating to oppose God. Whatever you think about Him, you can’t influence Him. He is ruling over creation, time and space, that fact does not care about your feelings. The truth does though, it cares, that’s why we are made free when we know it.

Through Christ we are led in triumphant procession by God, meaning we the children of God and disciples of Christ are His captives. We are captives to a glorious and eternal Kingdom and its Christ, and this is the mystery that throws off many “wise”. They think freedom is to be able to make your own decisions and run your own life, pause right there, nobody owns life so already there’s deep deception here and I won’t even go into that. The true meaning of freedom lies in the description of the One who made it, doesn’t everything else?

God doesn’t need your help, He didn’t need it when He decided that you were to be born to Martha and Samuel Chauke on the 1st of January1979. He didn’t need your help when He decided that you’de be born a black female in Limpopo South Africa. He didn’t need your help to decide that you’de need a brain, a heart, all your vital organs. Eyes to see, ears to hear, legs and feet to walk on, think soberly of your life in it’s entirety you will too quickly realise something/Someone bigger and greater than you and me is running this show. And it is quite plain to see in the Word of life and truth which is the Bible, this Someone does not need our help, He only requires our full cooperation.


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