With God All Things Are Possible

With God All Things Are Possible

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible”- Matthew 19:26.

I always marvel in church when one of the kids cry, sometimes you don’t know which one is crying until you see the parent fly past you. Every parent hears the cry of their child and responds accordingly. I have good news for you: God has heard your cry and is on the way, and what is impossible for you, your Father is about to make it happen for you because nothing is impossible for Him. I mean this is the same Father that split the sea for the children of Israel when they were being pursued by the Egyptian army.

What situation are you in that seems impossible? Rather what situation are you in that is impossible and you don’t see a way out? I personally thank God that the all-powerful, all-knowing God is not just God to me but He is my Father. So I can actually brag that nothing is impossible for my Father. The difference is that He’s not a God that seems so far away and impossible to reach, but a loving and ever-present Father who hears the cry of His children and makes the impossible possible for them.

God has heard your cry


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