Do Not Leave Your Post

Do Not Leave Your Post

If the ruler’s temper flares against you, do not abandon your post, for calmness lays great offenses to rest – Ecclesiastes 10:4.

1 John 5:19 says that the world is under the power of the evil one. This verse clarifies that the devil is a “ruler” and I would like us to look at this devotion with that in mind. This life is nothing like a fairy tale where we live happily ever after. Life is a constant challenge, and we fare better at it if we embrace some of these realistic realizations. We all, now and again, face perilous times in our lives. Perilous times can wind you up spiritually as well physically.  As Christians our lives and everyday steps are ordered by God. We are where we are, doing what we do because it has all been pre-destined by God.

That is the reason why the devil then constantly comes to attack us and make it his priority that we go through perilous times. The biggest mistake we Christians make, however, is that in the midst of these trying times, we often lose heart and leave our posts. The word of God instructs us to never leave the place or position that God has put us in, even when we are faced with perilous times. These may be our job position, marriage, or even serving in the church, etc.

We may use Job as an example of perilous times that are from the devil. The devil attacked Job to the point of touching his body and using his wife.  However, Job was thankful to God even for the perilous times he faced. No level of the devil’s anger turned Job away from God. Never quit your job, your marriage or your church service whenever you feel the urge to quit. Understand that it is only the devil’s works that you suffer perils.

Don’t you ever dare deceive yourself by thinking that you can do without the job, your church, your brethren or your spouse. Do not react from perilous time pressures. In James 5, the Bible instructs us to imitate farmers in their patience when waiting for their produce to ripe. Even when storms destroy their produce, they wait for the following season to try again. As you practice your patience, pray without relenting and God will help you overcome.

This life is nothing like a fairy tale where we live happily ever after


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