The Battlefield Is In The Mind

The Battlefield Is In The Mind

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…Proverbs 23:7 KJV.

Most often as Christians we blame our failures, struggles and shortcomings on the situations that we go through and the circumstances that surround us.  When we look at the life of Christ we can see that circumstances play no role in our failures or shortcomings, instead these are only for our promotion, and nothing less. As a Christian, nothing happens in your life that is meant to pull you down, but all good and bad things are there to take you higher. If that is the case, who then is our enemy? It is the mind. 

I realize every day the importance of the renewal of the mind because our downfalls and victories all happen in the mind. When Jesus had to feed the crowd and only had 5 loaves and 2 fish, He could have decided in His mind that it was impossible and left everything as it was. When the devil asked Him to turn the rocks into bread, He also could have decided in His mind to do it because He knew that He was perfectly capable and hungry as well. In both these instances the actions of Christ were influenced not by the circumstances but by a decision He had to make in His mind.

He could have decided otherwise and be recorded as a failure, but He chose to remain victorious. It’s important that we remind ourselves of this as Christians whenever we go through things. Remember He works all things together for our good? Remember He provides a way out before we even face a situation. Stop using your circumstances as excuse for your shortcomings. Failure has never been and should never be your portion. You were made to overcome so never settle for anything less than victory in anything you face.

Stop using your circumstances as excuse for your shortcomings


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