Holy Fear

Holy Fear

Then you will understand what it means to fear the LORD, and you will gain knowledge of God – Proverbs 2:5 NLT.

Modern day Christianity emphasizes that GOD is all-loving and forgives all sins. It teaches us that whatever we do will be forgiven because we have a loving Father who is very understanding. We are taught that He is our friend and someone who is at our level. During all this we forget that He is LORD and He has to be feared.

All the people that He used in the Bible had one thing in common, and that is, they loved and adored Him, yet they still feared Him. They never forgot He is sovereign and always approached His throne with reverence. The author in above Scripture encourages us to seek wisdom and understanding above everything. He alludes to the fact that wisdom leads to understanding the fear of the Lord, and this leads to the knowledge of GOD. The truly wise truly fear the LORD.

My pursuit of GOD if truly genuine always leads to the knowledge and understanding of the Father, and this will cause me to have a holy fear of Him. Not fear of Him destroying, killing or punishing me but a fear that He is my Creator. Only GOD can reveal a fear that stems from total surrender and absolute reverence for who my Maker is. The holy fear that makes me love Him even more, not because I fear His wrath but because I understand who He is. I fear Him because I love Him and I don’t love Him because I’m fearful of Him.

Wisdom leads to understanding the fear of the Lord, and this leads to the knowledge of who GOD is


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