The Word Works

The Word Works

For You have magnified Your word above all Your name – Psalm 138:2.

The world as we know it is Word made. The Word is still at work, accomplishing what the Lord pleases and succeeding in the thing for which He sent it. Question is are you part of the success? Are you a partaker of the divine will of God and reaping the rewards of obedience? You ought to know that God made everything for you, for your success, dominion and enjoyment. Our success brings the Father great pleasure and He has given us everything we need to succeed. It’s a set up really, when you have been taught the Word of truth failure is purely by choice.

We must learn to put the Word to work. This Word is most effective when spoken in spirit.The Holy Spirit teaches us how to use the Word (John 14:26). We must speak out our faith and replace every idle word with faith filled words. This is the difference between life and death, living and existing, surviving and thriving. The Word of God is alive, it gets to work the very moment it is released. It does not fail. However it must be put to work, spiritual laws won’t allow any other vantage.

As children of God we must come to the level of knowing what the Word is capable of, not merely speaking it not having experienced it’s power. We must be acquainted with the life source beyond the written text because this strengthens our resolve and bolsters our testimony. It must be real to us, especially because we live in perilous times where even the elite are being led astray and leaving the sheep in disarray. Our hope is in knowing God’s promise and hoping firmly in His faithfulness to keep it. Not only does the Word work, think about it, it has to work!


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