Perfect Will Over Permissive Will

Perfect Will Over Permissive Will

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God – Romans 12:2.

The perfect will of GOD is His awesome arrangement for your life. This is the thing that He has supernaturally organized; the sort of man or lady to wed, your profession, ministry, etc. The permissive will of GOD is the thing that He allows. A point to note is that the fact that He allows something doesn’t mean it is His will. For example, if GOD wants an individual to get married at 30, He knows the specific reason behind that. In the event that the individual is submissive to the plan of GOD, he will get all the blessings GOD has for him.

Assume that when the individual arrives at the age 25 he finds a lady and chooses to marry her, it won’t be God’s ideal. If the individual relentlessly prays about it again and again, GOD might give him a go-ahead. In any case, it will be God’s permissive will. He will in any case favor them, yet they won’t obtain the full blessings that accompany His perfect will. 

If there is one thing that does not please GOD is seeing His children living and being content in His permissive will. GOD wants to give us the best, not His subsequent best. The most comfortable place to be for Christians is God’s permissive. Why? Because here it’s where our views, opinions and choices exist. It’s where we draw up our plans and programs, and expect GOD and the Holy Spirit to just fit in to them.

In the perfect will however it is totally different. In the perfect will you die to self, your views and opinions, your choices and interests are nullified. It is where we are taken out of our comfort zone. GOD is saying because of His love and favor, He permits us to live a certain way but He is not entirely happy about that because then we don’t fully enjoy His blessings. He is calling us to a deeper place, a place of His perfect will because that is the only place we can fully enjoy the blessings predestined for us. 

God’s permissive will is where our views, opinions and choices exist; God’s perfect will is where we die to self, our views and opinions, our choices and interests are nullified


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