Faith That Separates The Wheat From The Chaff

Faith That Separates The Wheat From The Chaff

By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family – Hebrews 11:7a NIV.

Please bear with me again as I dive into this familiar topic of faith. As I add few bricks to an already built foundation of this interesting topic. As Christians we are set apart from other belief systems by our faith. When you embark on this journey your faith will be stretched and tested and many fall by the wayside and those who stand till the end will be rewarded.

In terms of faith we can trust in GOD for many things as we exercise our faith muscle. There is a confession of faith and there is faith for what GOD has promised you. When GOD gives you an instruction concerning something you are not familiar with this is when the stretching begins. Noah did not know what an ark was and he had never witnessed what was to come. To build an ark just because you were instructed and you yourself don’t know what it is.

Abraham was told to go to a place he was not familiar with yet his faith propelled him to go. If GOD today says go to Sandton and I will give you a house, most of us would go because we know the place and have a mental picture of what to expect. If GOD told you to go to Andorra and He will make a way for you, then palpitations start (as you take time to Google Andorra).

Faith in what is familiar to you is one thing, but in that which is unfamiliar that’s were the stretching happens. All the great people in the Bible are spoken of because of their faith in uncharted territory. A territory where you absolutely depend on GOD and not your experiences. Gideon, Mary, Hannah, Joseph and David are examples of people whose faith in GOD took them to the unknown. They surrendered everything because on their own they could not have succeeded. Gideon was stretched to a point that he needed proof couple of times that it was truly GOD who was speaking to him. He could not fathom how a weakling like him could deliver his people. GOD used him because he relied on him and not on experience.

As we continue this walk GOD will take us through the unknown to remind us of who He is. He will command us to make foundations were there are none. He will make pioneers where there were none. All that He requires and expects is complete faith in Him and not our reliance on ourselves and our experiences.

Another person who understood the stress and pressure that come with being a trailblazer and going into the unknown is Joshua. He had to lead a vast nation into the unknown and all that GOD gave him is the word, no Leadership 101 manual, just the word. When the time comes (you can bet it’s coming) and GOD sends you into the unknown may your faith and reliance on GOD propel and encourage you to accomplish the task at hand. Now this is the faith that separates the wheat from the chaff. 

Faith in what is familiar to you is one thing, but in that which is unfamiliar that’s were the stretching happens


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