Authentic Faith

Authentic Faith

‘Faith’ is such a common and loosely used word in Christian circles, but I thank God for yesterday’s teaching which unpacked such important facts and principles on faith that I realize are absolutely imperative for every Christian to know. I highlight a few below that I never really knew nor understood entirely, and my Christian life can never be the same afterwards.

“Faith in its genuine form is more precious than gold. Faith is of very great value!” Faith is actually a treasure! I often desire to have more of GOD and all the spiritual gifts that He gives to His children, but little did I realize that at the point of salvation and every time I hear the Word, I am gifted with faith, and with this very faith I have already been given, my life can never be the same. Whereas I want more faith to acquire more through it, the little that I have is enough to move multiple mountains in my life and those of others through the Spirit of GOD. This is POWER! I am now amped to reflect back on times when my faith has been revealed as questionable by trials and to go back to the Word and unearth this treasure which I am carrying. I am literally sitting on gold…I mean faith!

In one of the Scriptures we read, the LORD was testing the genuineness of the Canaanite woman’s faith though it would have seemed He was belittling or humiliating her. In the face of humiliation, the Canaanite woman’s faith would not let her give up. She would not go without an answer, so the LORD was actually testing her faith. This has me reflecting on the one too many times I have felt offended, hurt, belittled, humiliated or betrayed, and made decisions or changed my confession on this basis. As a result of foolishness and ignorance, I may have not realized in each of these instances GOD was testing the authenticity of my faith using the trials. What’s tragic is that not only did I fail those tests, but I also didn’t realize that I had failed. The consequences of this would be tragic for me as Jesus will be looking for authentic faith when He comes on earth. I really thank GOD for teaching this because with the next trial I shall have better understanding, restraint and go back to the Word I have received.

Doubting means to have two minds concerning the same thing, it does not mean that someone does not believe. It is easier to deal with a case of unbelief than it is to deal with a case of doubt. What a simple, yet sobering revelation. If I am unsure about what I believed GOD had said to me 5 years ago because it hasn’t happened, did I ever truly believe it? Maybe it did not happen because I did not authentically believe in the first place. If I have truly believed the Word and my faith is genuine, I cannot be sitting on the fence depending on the circumstance. The man of GOD said yesterday, “Authentic faith comes from those who are authentically born again.” So if I am doubtful I need to relook at the state of my salvation. 

The little faith I have is enough to move multiple mountains in my life and those of others


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