It’s Our Responsibility

It’s Our Responsibility

(Compiled by Pastor Vuyani Dombo)

There is a purpose for receiving power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. We receive Holy Spirit baptism to do what the Father wants us to do, which is to witness to Him. We see this in the early church, where after the believers had received the Spirit baptism, GOD permitted a great persecution in order for those believers to preach the gospel everywhere (Acts 8:1-4). It is our responsibility to witness so that when Jesus comes again, He finds a harvest of souls (Luke 18:8b). This harvest of souls is our responsibility, and when Jesus comes again, He will settle our accounts, checking what has yielded with what He has given us. Faith has got evidence, so we today should ask ourselves where our evidence/proof is.

It is the Holy Spirit who capacitates and enables us to fulfil the will of GOD, causing us to do what GOD wants us to do. None of us can fulfil the will of GOD without the Holy Spirit. When we are drunk with the Holy Spirit we come under His influence and control, which is contrary to the influence of the flesh/desires/body (Ephesians 5:17-18). Holy Spirit is our Influencer, leading His sons to be where He wants them to be, and to do what He wants them to do (Romans 8:14), otherwise, where the flesh leads us, there is destruction and perdition. The purpose for which you are born can only be fulfilled through the Holy Spirit. Jesus could not have fulfilled the will of GOD without the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:38), so how much more do we need the Holy Spirit?

Even though we are born again, without the Holy Spirit we will not be able to do the good works for which we were created in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:10). We need the Holy Spirit because our minds, zeal and intelligence can mislead us. We can attempt to preach and teach minus the Holy Spirit, but there will neither be the presence nor the power of GOD. This is why our LORD Jesus could not say anything in the name of GOD without the Holy Spirit. We, therefore, cannot meet Jesus and remain the same because we come under the influence of the Holy Spirit (John 4:25-29). When we are under the influence, unction, and control of the Holy Spirit, we will go where He leads us to go. Simply said, it is only the Holy Spirit who will cause us to obey (Ezekiel 36:27). The church grows when we all work together, when each of us do our part effectively, and when we are all active in the Kingdom of GOD. The church grows in revival, but the most integral part of revival is the Holy Spirit.

It is the Holy Spirit who capacitates and enables us to fulfil the will of GOD.


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