The Ultimate Superpower

The Ultimate Superpower

When the LORD Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist, He was filled with the Holy Spirit, but He was thereafter led by the same Holy Spirit into the wilderness for 40 days, from which He returned in the POWER of the Spirit (Luke 4:1,14). This power was clearly demonstrated when Jesus came to His home country, Nazareth, and He read the book of Isaiah in the synagogue. For the first time, this same book, which had been opened and read many times before, came with revelation that it was all about Jesus, so much so that all eyes in the synagogue were fixed on Him (Luke 4:16-22). What made the difference? The Holy Spirit & power!

Why is the power of GOD so important? Luke 1:18-22 shows us that:

  1. It is only by the power of GOD that we can effectively fill the hungry with the Word of God and bring salvation.
  2. The power of GOD can heal places that no other remedy can reach
  3. The power of GOD is what frees us from invisible prisons and the oppression of the devil.
  4. The power of GOD exceeds the limitations of medicine.
  5. It is only by the power of GOD that we able to prophesy and enforce the LORD’s supernatural agenda in this natural world.
  6. The power of GOD witnesses to the Word of GOD, making an opening for the Word to pierce the heart of man. Without power, Scripture is just another set of words.

The power of GOD finds root in the message of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 1:18). This means that the Word of God is power in the hands of the one who hears and does it. For example, at the wedding in Cana, a miracle of turning water into wine was worked in the hands of servants, only because they heeded Mary’s request that they should do whatever Jesus said to them (John 2:5-9). GOD has chosen the simplicity of His Word to make available the power to transform our lives. There is nothing that the power of GOD cannot save us from. While many are searching and seeking for wisdom and a higher power from this world, we carry GOD himself in us. What the world despises in the Word of God is what brings power unimaginable in this world.

What you may be lacking right now in your own life is the power of GOD. Today, if you feel like giving up, if the burden feels too heavy, if the attacks have taken their toll, go back to the source of divine power and He will fill you with His Holy Spirit and power to overcome. What you have been struggling with and suffering from all along does not know that you are armed with a precious treasure (2 Corinthians 4:7). Weakness makes room for the power of GOD to take over, and God flexes His muscles on the grandest scale when we are at our weakest. Your story is not over. The natural man may be at his end, but GOD is there to arm us with the ultimate superpower to shake up hell and utterly destroy the devil. We just need to keep close to the source, and that source is the LORD Jesus Christ.

What the world despises in the Word of God is what brings power unimaginable in this world.


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