Only One Thing Is Needed

Only One Thing Is Needed

Sunday Message Summary, 30 November 2020

GOD made everything that He made, but in everything that He made, we were made for one thing, and this is the one thing that we need. While this world esteems or boasts in wisdom, power and riches, the LORD warns that we should not glory in these because what the world esteems/values is contrary to what is esteemed/valued in the Kingdom of GOD. The LORD wants us to rejoice only in understanding and knowing Him (Jeremiah 9:23-24). The Word is clear on what or who is to be sought: GOD, and nothing but GOD (Isaiah 55:6). If GOD is our epicenter; i.e. GOD in the beginning, GOD in the middle and GOD in the end; everything will emanate and radiate from Him.

Seeking for GOD is the purpose for which we were created in the first place (Isaiah 43:10). We were not created to be seeking after things, so nothing will give us more joy except for seeking for GOD. Mary knew this and she chose to hear the Word at the feet of Jesus, while Martha was distracted with serving (Luke 10:39-42). There is everything wrong with anything when it becomes a distraction to knowing and understanding GOD, doing what we were created for. What is top on the priorities of Jesus is for us to know Him, while serving GOD is only priority number two. All the pursuits of this world offer false security (Mark 4:19 AMP), and everything else that we pursue, if it is not GOD, it is all in vain. Those who desire the things of this life/world and not GOD, end up destroying themselves (1 Timothy 6:6-11). GOD is our provider, so we should leave the care of the provision to GOD. If we are expecting our provision to come from GOD, then GOD will provide.

Time and chance happen to everyone, so what excuse can we have for not knowing Him? GOD knows us, but He now wants us to know Him experientially, becoming more thoroughly acquainted with Him, understanding the remarkable wonders of His person more completely, consumed with seeking and pursuing GOD. When we move with the true Jesus, He will always lead us to His church because church is about knowing Him. When we know GOD, everything else will burst open to us, because everything finds fulfilment and completeness in GOD. There is nothing in this world that gives man contentment/fulfilment other than GOD. Knowing GOD is a priceless privilege, an overwhelming preciousness, a surpassing worth, and a supreme advantage (Philippians 3:8 AMPC), but the only way to really know Christ is to give up everything.

If GOD is our epicenter, everything will emanate and radiate from Him.


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