The Ultimate Goal Is Christ

The Ultimate Goal Is Christ

Thursday, 03 December 2020

“Don’t spend all of your time thinking about eating or drinking or worrying about life. If you do, the final day will suddenly catch you” –  Luke 21: 34 CEV

It would be more than an understatement to say that we live in a busy world. I do not know about you, but I seem to be more pressed for time than ever before. I find that it is almost impossible for me to do everything that I am supposed to do, so I am left with no other option but to prioritize. I have to decide which things are necessary, which ones need to be taken care of first. Because of this, I had struggled a lot with the account of Jesus, Mary, and Martha (Luke 10). To me, this passage of Scripture is simply about hospitality, and under normal circumstances, Martha’s actions would be correct and Mary’s would be wrong.  Here, however, the scene is very different. When you have a guest, it is expected of you to entertain them, ensure that they are well taken care of, and also provided for. You cannot do that while you are just sitting down at their feet and listening to them talk, now can you?

In this passage of Scripture, however, Jesus proves to us that there were more important things at that moment than an elaborate meal or hospitality.  We learn that Martha’s mind was thinking about everything except what it should have been thinking about. She was troubled about many things and yet only one thing was important: Christ’s word.  What she was doing was right and sensible, but it was not the ultimate thing. Listening and submitting to the word of God is the good portion that can never be taken away from us. Can there be anything more important than complete and undistracted attention to Jesus Christ? We all have a little Martha on the inside of us that we need to root out.  What are the things that you get entangled in at the cost of something so crucial?  Martha’s priorities were wrong and it’s our responsibility to ensure that we do not fall into the same trap. Don’t get too caught up in the serving that your attention ends up shifting you from the ultimate goal which is Christ Himself. He is not seeking for your service/deeds but rather to have a relationship/fellowship with you. Make that your priority.

Don’t get too caught up in the serving that your attention ends up shifting you from the ultimate goal which is Christ Himself


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