Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Sunday Message Summary, 14 February 2021

For those who are born again, it is imperative that we seek the things of GOD as opposed to things on Earth (Colossians 3:1-3). We must develop a heavenly mindset, which is the mind of Christ, always being set on things above. We have died to self, the flesh, the world, and things of the world, so it is paradoxical for us to focus on things here on Earth and we ought to set our minds on things above. If we do not focus solely on the things of GOD, we get frustrated and hamper our spiritual walk. We therefore have need to reprioritise our priorities, being born again believers, who are no longer fleshly but spiritual. We must keep our eye on the ball, not shifting the goal posts.

Though He was walking on Earth, because He set His mind on things above, Jesus was able to be victorious here on Earth. What determined the victory for Jesus is what His mind was set on (Hebrews 12:2). Our focus determines victory or defeat for a child of GOD. When our mind is in the right place, we will have victory here on Earth, and when our focus is on the wrong things, we are defeated in the mind.  When we focus on things on Earth, we frustrate our spiritual life, and it is impossible for a spiritual person to enjoy their spiritual life while they are focusing on things here on Earth. Our lives are hidden with Christ in GOD, so what business do we have focusing on things here on Earth? When Jesus becomes our be-all and end-all, that equals victory for us here on Earth.

We ought to look away from all that will distract us (Hebrews 12:2 AMP), because it is not possible to keep our gaze on Jesus while we are being distracted by the flesh, the world, and the things of the world. Jesus is our true victory, and the only victory for a child of GOD. Everything we will ever look for, want, or seek after, as children of GOD, is in Jesus. He has become everything for us, so if we require victory, we have to make right with Jesus. We are tasting defeat which we should not be tasting only because we have harbored defeat in our minds. We need to look away from our problems, challenges, and pain; physical, emotional, and psychological. When we are going through pain, what do we fasten our gaze on that is able to see us through? The problem is not the problem, the problem is our focus. We choose our focus, and this choice of focus is a choice of either defeat or victory. We choose our response, so victory or defeat is a choice for a child of GOD.

The things of the Earth are passing away and the flesh is given only for a season. We should therefore not build our lives on our achievements in comparison with things above. We should not focus so much on things of the flesh in comparison with things of GOD. The world is temporary and passing away, and full of temptations, so we should not temper with the world as it will kill us slowly (1 John 2:15-17). In contrast, of God’s Kingdom there is no end. We therefore need to get our priorities right, as we are not living for things, nor are we living to make a living, but Christ is the life. The Word teaches us to focus on things eternal by focusing on Jesus. Jesus is the substance, and we need to diligently seek the things that Christ has attained for us, but what is our attitude in terms of this seeking?

We need to get our priorities right, as we are not living for things, nor are we living to make a living, but Christ is the life.


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