Always Winning In Life

Always Winning In Life

Sunday Message Summary, 28 February 2021

All Christians who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecutions (2 Timothy 3:12), so every single believer will have difficulties and challenges that we have to endure. Problems and persecutions come to those who pursue righteousness and are determined to live godly and uncompromising lives. The devil is always looking for us, so we need to understand the kind of life we are in as believers. The One who created the world says to man whom He created for Himself and placed in the world, that we will have trouble in the world that He created, but He says we should cheer up, because He has already defeated and overcome the world (John 16:33).  The LORD will deliver us out of every single challenge we go through. We should not fear the things we go through in this world because they come and go but we should remain standing.

Life is moving from crisis to crisis, but GOD has got nothing to do with it, and it is the devil who has everything to do with it. In our moment of scarcity, lack, weakness, doubt, fear, and confusion, we are not alone, GOD is with us. All believers go through and experience pressure, but we should not break down, falter nor fail. Within us there is a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). When we go through troubles we should not cower, nor give in, nor run away, but we should stand (Ephesians 6:11-13). The LORD instructs us not to fear for He is with us (Isaiah 43:5), so if we fear we are being disobedient. Furthermore, the LORD instructed Gideon that “whoever is fearful and afraid, let him turn back and depart at once”, for they were not fit for war (Judges 7:3). We cannot overcome, conquer, or win when we are fearful or afraid, and we must refuse the fear.

The thing that was not real became real to Job even though it was not there, all because of fear (Job 3:25-26). Fear weakens us against our enemy, paralyses, terrorizes, and torments us, attracting demonic spirits. While we are still fearful, we will be defeated in the battle. Fear weakens our resolve to fight, our faith, our confidence, our boldness, and our courage. Fear creates the thing that was non-existent, and opens the door for destruction, loss, and pain. When Peter walked on water, he feared, and fear made way for doubt to come in (Matthew 14:30-32). Peter saw and he heard, but what he saw and heard disturbed him. Before he saw, he was walking on water, but when he saw he began to sink. The thing comes because of fear although it was not there. Peter sank because he feared, doubted, and took his eyes away from Jesus, like many people, who instead of looking to Jesus, enlist the help of man, bringing to a spiritual warfare the arm of flesh.

We cannot make way both for the devil and for GOD at the same time, but we need to be careful what we think about when we are in trouble, in crisis or in a fix. Facing challenges can be very daunting sometimes but we must always remember who we and whose we are. The LORD has overcome all the challenges for us. We must not misjudge our situations because with GOD the outcome is always the same.

In our moment of scarcity, lack, weakness, doubt, fear, and confusion, we are not alone, GOD is with us.


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