Praying For Leadership

Praying For Leadership

Monday, 7 May 2018

Pray this way for all who are in authority – 1 Timothy 2:2.

This week let us pray for sound Christian leadership. Leadership that is under direct unction and command of the Spirit. Such leadership is not there to be understood by us, but rather to be heard and followed by us. Let us carefully consider every leadership that purports to be of God. The Word says that you shall know them by their fruits, i.e. actions, conduct, character or way of life. Let us strive not to turn a blind eye on something God says it’s important.

Godly leadership cannot be according to anyone’s expectation. It’s divine, it’s spiritual. It’s outside and beyond the ambit of the flesh. True godly leadership cannot be fully understood by anyone, because it’s under direct unction and command of the Spirit, and the Spirit can be fully understood by nobody. When John was in prison he sent two of his disciples to enquire from Jesus, because he was offended at Him. Jesus did not go to see him in prison. John was a prophet and a cousin of Jesus. Jesus simply didn’t go to see his cousin who was in prison contrary to popular expectation. A true godly leader does not conform and bend to people’s opinions, expectations and demands, but rather to the unction and command of the Spirit. The Spirit did not tell Jesus to go and see John in prison, hence He didn’t go.

We need to pray to have this type of leadership in our midst. Jesus told the disciples of John to go and tell him the things they heard and saw Him do. Although John was offended at Jesus, but God vindicated and affirmed Him by miracles, signs and wonders. God vindicates and protects His own leadership. When we obey God, we invariably offend the flesh. Leadership bent on pleasing the flesh cannot please God. Therefore, let us pray for leadership that hear and do what God says.


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