A Response Of Faith

A Response Of Faith

Friday, 11 May 2018


When pressure or persecution comes because of the word, immediately he stumbles and falls away – Matthew 13:21.

When we have the word of the kingdom in our hearts, when Satan attacks he’s essentially attacking that word. When we have the word in our hearts we must be ruled by it. The devil knows this, and he also knows that if we’re ruled by the word his attacks will be futile. So the pressures or persecutions that he mounts against us come to provoke a response from us. How we respond when we’re challenged is crucially important. How we respond under pressure or persecution is essentially the crucible of our faith.

We either react emotionally or respond spiritually. Satan aims for an emotional reaction because it’s based on feelings; it’s irrational and not according to the word. When he attacks he wants us to sidetrack from the word and react foolishly. He’s driving us to stand on the flesh, on how we feel and not on the word of God. When we’re guided by how we feel we do what we think is right, not what the word says is right. We know that it’s impossible for the flesh to obey God nor His word. Our emotional reactions lead us away from God, rather than bring us closer to Him. We must never act according to how we feel in the heat of the moment or run away with our emotional suggestions. It’s a surefire case of defeat. This is the reason why people who love God and love the word of God stumble and fall away when they come under fire and are under pressure.

However, when we respond spiritually, we respond by faith. We respond by the Spirit, and not by our senses. Our senses are extremely deceiving and misleading. When we respond by faith, we stand on the word of the kingdom. We allow the word to guide and lead us when we come under fire and are under pressure. It’s a response of faith in the word that guarantees and secures victory, no matter what we go through. It’s a surefire case of triumph against satanic attacks. We win always when we always respond by the word in all of life’s issues and situations. That’s why the word is called the sword or weapon of the Spirit against the devil, his kingdom and all who are with him. A response of faith based on the word of God provokes a reaction incomparably greater and more power than all the nuclear weaponry in the world. That’s why satan attacks the word in its nascent or neglected phase, because he knows once it takes root he stands no chance.


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