The Discipline Of Faith: The Body

The Discipline Of Faith: The Body

I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should – 1 Corinthians 9:27.
We know that while we are called unto salvation we spend some time in this human body, and the body just like the mind if not brought under subjection can cause us to stumble. The flesh is weak with desire and worse when coupled with an unstable mind. Gluttony, lust, laziness, some of the bodily weaknesses that hinder our walk in the Spirit. We need to learn to discipline the body that it may come under spiritual control. When the Lord has got an assignment for me and instruction is given from Him, I need to be available and able to serve that higher call without the body weighing me down.
Paul talks about disciplining his body, making it sound like the body has a mind of its own, that it may well have that is why an active step of training it must take place. How do we fast if we cannot control our appetite? How do we keep ourselves holy when we cannot control our physical desires? How do we grow in the Spirit when we don’t train our body for prayer? The Bible talks about us giving of ourselves, spirit, mind and body. The Lord is looking for us to be wholly surrendered to Him. So the work of training the body is imperative, especially to our spiritual growth. Be in charge of your actions, take control and do not allow yourself to succumb to its passions.

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  1. Sir Arthur

    I consider myself to be so favoured by God,firsty that i am in the presence of a humble man of God who uses his God given gifts to empower and equip all those who are
    in need.May God bless,the true prophet of God,Prophet Khaya.

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