Happy & Blessed

Happy & Blessed

Thursday, 7 June 2018

The LORD says, “My people are stupid; they don’t know me. They are like foolish children; they have no understanding. They are experts at doing what is evil, but failures at doing what is good” – Jeremiah 4:22 GNB.


It’s been said that Israel’s exodus from Egypt to Canaan should have taken them at least eleven days. However, the Lord took them on a winding course that would last forty years. In Deuteronomy chapter eight Moses explains to them why God subjected them to the meandering mountain excursion. It was no excursion at all, far from it. Hard, dry, scorching desert, the people were thirsty and hungry at times, and wore the same clothes and shoes – that never wore out on them forty years. God had no fun in doing this. He intended for His people to possess the blessed land He promised them as quickly as possible. But there was a problem, a hindrance that would turn the blessing to a curse, the people against their God. It was a state of emergency that needed addressing at all costs.

The people were foolish in that they didn’t know God. They were stupid not having understanding, lacked even common sense. They were gung-ho to do wrong than obey God. They refused to listen! That’s why the Lord ground the journey to a halt in an unforgiving wilderness because they were in no state to possess His blessings. He tried talking and teaching them but they didn’t listen. They refused to listen. They would not learn anything from God, even though they had Moses with them forty years.

The Lord derives no pleasure if His people would not listen to Him. Holy Spirit guides us into all truth and teaches us all things. As it was with Israel in the wilderness, the Lord teaches us to possess His blessings. However, now we have the Lord dwelling in us and teaching us individually from the heart, 24/7. Holy Spirit lives in us to lead us into God’s glorious abundant riches preserved for His children. In first Corinthians chapter ten, Paul tells us that what befell Israel in the desert is for our example and admonition not to do what they did and repeat their results. God loves us so much that He graciously tries by all means to make us not to miss His blessings as others did before us. God is determined and desperate to bless us, it’s the only thing that pleases Him – to see us happy and blessed. Friends, it’s our turn and time to eat and enjoy the best of our Father’s blessings. Let’s listen to the Holy Spirit, understand, believe and know.


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