I’m somewhat fascinated by how Scripture refers to money as filthy lucre or unrighteous mammon. The latter is a reference made by the Lord Jesus Himself. Money, or possessions, has a way of showing a person up, revealing their hidden, deep-seated attitude of character. Money or possessions reveal a person as they are, their true being.

Money is referred to this way because of people’s attitudes towards it, how it makes them react and how the devil uses it to corrupt an individual utterly. People are led and drawn totally away from God through the deceitfulness of money. Money is a god that people serve obediently, faithfully and passionately, and it makes the world of those wanting in knowledge and understanding go round.

Money turns loved ones against one another, leads to betrayal, heartbreaks, neglect, rejection and pain. This happens as a result of people’s unfettered devotion to money. Money separates man from God. It causes unbelief and rejection of Him in the heart. Many have betrayed and some turned away from the faith. They have substituted their faithfulness and devotion to God for money. People are more faithful than they could ever be to the pursuit of money, possessions and their own desires. They think they need money when all they need is God, and they don’t know that they are pursuing illusion and living falsely.

Jeremiah 5:31 asks, “What will you do when the end comes?” You were born without money and material possessions, and you will die without any. Things of the earth remain on the earth when life ends. Money is not your slave master to dictate the route of your life. You are to rule over it and use it for good in the name of the Lord. Who are you serving? Money, possessions, yourself, others or God? Your answer determines your destiny.


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