Let Go

Let Go

Do you also want to go away? – John 6:67.

“From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more,” verse 66. The Lord Jesus was a person of destiny and knew better than to compel someone to stay or walk the path with Him. When His disciples began turning away from following Him He didn’t forbid or try to convince them not to leave. He even encouraged those who remained that they could also leave if they so wished. Was He being prideful? No. He understood destiny, and He lived a life of destiny. He understood that no one could come or stay with Him unless it had been destined. So whether people stayed or left Him it was predestinated. He couldn’t compel or convince anyone to go or remain with Him.

We too are people of destiny. We should always take a leaf from the Lord’s life. We shouldn’t force people to remain with us if they want to exit our lives. Whether people leave or remain with us it’s a result of divine preprogramming. We must learn the wisdom to let go and let God. When we do things according to our own ability, we keep people we shouldn’t keep and release those we shouldn’t release. This way we shipwreck our lives and destinies. In order for you to move to the next level with your life there are people you need to let go. Life is in stages, and you shed and gain some people as you traverse along. You may keep your progress under arrest by keeping those that should long have exited your life.

Learn the wisdom of letting go. Those who are meant to be with you, even if they can leave you, destiny will reunite you. Let your trust and confidence be in God only. He will take care of all divine connections in your life. Adopt an attitude of rest in faith, and watch the Lord manage the traffic of people that touch and shape your life.


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