Links Prophecy & Confirmation Sexual Urge

Links Prophecy & Confirmation Sexual Urge


  1. Isaac Matwa

    Dear Paster

    I listened to your todays preaching on the subject of giving which is something always in my heart in such a way that when I don’t have nothing to give I feel so offended in that sometimes I feel small and even not go to church. Like today I had nothing in my wallet and my car had no petrol, have nothing even at home but my heart was to go to church but could not. I went to charge my computer next door because I have no electric in the house I live at the moment then I came across your teachings of giving I was so blessed with your quoted scripts. I feel so empowered by your words and was first time I came to know you. I quickly went to my computer and check your church and I have one feeling to visit one day surely, I am also considering the contribution to the building when I have something in my wallet, I wont forget, from Pretoria but currently living in Eastern Cape Mthatha with my house in Danville 5 Pretoria, but next year will be living in it full time, please I need yr prayers to unlock the facies/problems I am praying for everyday to be unlocked

  2. Vuyani Dombo

    Good day Isaac. Thank you for reaching out and connecting with the Ministry. We are standing with you in prayer for breakthrough.

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