Unprecedented Favor

Unprecedented Favor

I have made you hear new things from this time, even hidden things, and you did not know them. They are created now – Isaiah 48:6-7.

I’m not one to write prophecies or say this is a month of this, that or the other. I try by all means to shy away from saying God said when He actually didn’t say, or saying this is a month of whatever when God didn’t say it. However, August 2018 is different. The Lord has spoken. I’m waiting for inspiration to write today’s devotional, but He’s not giving me anything except to say something about August. So here goes.

This is a month of months, the beginning of beginnings. God is doing a new thing. It’s a time of refocusing, realigning, readjusting and renewing. When we’re realigned with God His blessings, promises and grace begin to flow flawlessly in our lives. It’s a season of restoration and recovery. He’s restoring things the enemy has stolen from us, not double but multiplied. It’s a season of gaining and benefiting, not losing. It’s recovery time for the broken, wounded and offended.

It’s restoration of the prophetic God’s dreams and visions in a greater measure. There’s an amplification of the prophetic, hearing, seeing, perceiving. The word of the Lord will come mightily upon yielded vessels. The Lord wants to do a new thing in healing, miracles, signs and wonders. He wants to make such things as healing of the blind, the deaf, the mute, the lame and the maimed commonplace – and the raising of the dead as the Spirit wishes. All this is for His own glory and honor.

The Bridegroom is coming soon, so His Bride will be abounding and accelerating in faith in the workings of signs, wonders and miracles just as He did when He was here. A maturing church or believer is a resting one. For it’s in the rest of faith that the supernatural is unhinged, unleashed and unlimited. The more we mature, the more we rest in God. It’s those who wait in the glory who are refreshed and recharged to mount up and soar. For the persecuted, afflicted and refined it’s time to glide far and wide and high. This is a season of unprecedented favor, which brings with it a flow of unusual blessings, promotion and upliftment. It all begin now, August 2018, for the church.


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