(29 August 2018, Repeat)

(29 August 2018, Repeat)


There are rapid changes ripping through the body of Christ. The kingdom is advancing swiftly through the Gospel because the Spirit is moving. Something glorious, momentous is happening in this hour. He’s carrying rewards in His hands. There’s a lifting of the church across the world. He’s enabled the Body to scale new heights. The faithful are being recognized and rewarded. Faithful individuals, churches or groups. He’s blessing them for even greater harvest of souls. They’re being rewarded with more and greater responsibilities, ushering in rapid growth, increase, expansion and multiplication. The LORD has foreknown this and it’s been long coming, albeit steadily.

He stood on one side of the earth, touched it and the ripples are quickly engulfing the whole world. Change is coming fast, and it’s here. We’re going up higher as individuals, churches or groups who remained steadfast in faith before Him. There’s a special anointing, phenomenon surging across the church of God now. It’s palpable, it’s pulsating, it’s moving. Something is happening. It’s bigger, better and more beautiful. The Spirit is moving on us. Heads will swim. It’s the time of bigger, better and more beautiful now. There’s a notching up. People of God get ready.

God On Us


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