To A Great Day

To A Great Day

He won the victory and showed the world that they were powerless – Colossians 2:15.

The word for today is Victory. Let’s go out there to conquer, to win and to enforce our kingdom mandate. We’re soldiers in the Lord’s army; we fight from a position of victory and success, not of defeat and failure. We’ve won all the battles we’ll ever come across, because our Great Captain has gone before to win the war for us. We need not shake nor consider capitulating, but only need to be determined, confident and bold. We’re facing a defeated enemy who’s mortally bruised and wounded eternally. He’s trashed and crushed. We understand though that he’s not hung up his boots yet, but he was dealt one colossal defeat for all of life. He knows this. He’s one big loser.

The devil will always try his luck at us, but he’ll always fail. No well-meaning, knowledgeable Christian should dignify him with a win. God gave him the only respect and dignity he deserves, and that is to kick the hell out of him. Our Lord said that he saw him fall like lighting from heaven. Oooh that must hurt! In Scriptures he’s best described as fallen. So he’s become something to trample on. Ladies and gentlemen, behold your avowed enemy, Mr Fallen Kicked Trampled. How befitting our opponent! He’s the king of flies. Let’s not give him a chance today, not tomorrow, not ever. Let’s walk in righteousness, truth and light. If we do, we have nothing to fear. Here’s to another great day of victory all round.


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