It’s High Time

It’s High Time

Who trembles at My word – Isaiah 66:2.

It’s high time now that we believe what we read and take God at His word; to take the Bible to mean what it says and to say what it means. A person who trembles at the word is one who perceives and believes it this way. It’s one who takes God seriously and is taken seriously by God. If we took the word to mean exactly what it says a lot would have changed and happened in our lives. For instance, the word says clearly that God is our provider – but how many of us really take this for what it means and tailor our lives accordingly? We may believe something but not take it quite literally and seriously. If we believe something seriously and literally it becomes the integral core of our being, of who we are. This is the constituent of a person who trembles at His word, and because he does the Lord has promised to look upon and seriously consider and attend to him. We must seriously reconsider how we consider the word and He who gave it and for what He gave it. It’s high time because there lies the very fundamental of Christianity – who you are and who you could be; what you are and what you could be; what you can do and what you could do. Here lies the very fundamental of the limitless, boundless, strongest, best you.


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