First Things First

First Things First

But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you – Matthew 6:33.

The Lord says ‘do this first, and all the other things you desire will be added to you’, “added”, so it won’t be you still toiling but they will follow a natural process of God’s will. Let’s put ‘things’ aside and focus on this ‘seek first’.

Seeking to know God, His ways and righteousness should be atop our list of priorities. It should be our daily endeavour, first above all else. And you will find that when you focus on seeking Him you get lost in the unfathomable riches of His wisdom and are consumed with His precepts, and that is the whole point, the more the Word grows in you, the more the world around you changes. The question you had going into your private time with the Lord will disappear in the presence of superior knowledge and understanding.

Focusing on all these other things (because of outside influences) is such a waste of time. There is a superior way of living called the Kingdom to be attained. This is what God wants for us but it has a set way of entry and boasts unprecedented pleasures. Put first things first no matter what each new day brings. It is a daily choice whether we walk in awareness of His kingdom and glory or we tough it out in ignorance like everybody else. First thing each day, before you even brush your teeth *chuckles*, choose right. Choose your first step wisely!


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