By Faith

By Faith

The righteous will live by faith – Romans 1:17 NIV.

It’s only by faith that we can live, not just exist. It’s by faith that we’re led forward step by step by the word of God. Unless we’re led by faith through the Word, we’re unfortunately led by our own flesh. The leading of the flesh results in regrets, problems, debts, destruction, sorrow and pain. On the contrary, the leading of faith through the Word leads to life and abundance. It’s by faith that we make progress from the past to a better tomorrow, from the mess we once were to a better us. Truly we become better and better through faith in the Word. Faith is forward movement and upward mobility in the spirit. The Lord causes all things to work together for our own good when we believe. Faith is the dawn that gives way to morning splendor and opens up the ever-brightening light of God’s favor. By faith we’re being changed, metamorphosed into maturity of the sons of God.


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