Don’t Be Defeated

Don’t Be Defeated

Don’t be defeated. Learn to look to Jesus and live. Nothing is in the spirit for a child of God as it seems in the physical, this is with regard to anything negetive that happens. Have faith in God and depend on His love for you.  That love never fails. He will jolt you right back to life, He will get you back in shape when you have missed your step. Don’t be busy beating yourself up for your mistakes, sure the way you thought, the way you responded, the way you acted and the way you chose does not glorify God, but REPENT, and get back in there. Choose to learn from all your mis-steps and determine to never slip in that area again. You are a child of God and nothing can ever change that except a decision to turn away from the faith. Jesus is well acquinted with our struggles and He overcame it all, walk in the victory that He laid hold of for us, never except defeat, ever!

SIDE NOTE: Shut people out if their words bring guilt, discouragement and shame. The Holy Spirit will never allow you to feel guilty, Godly sorrow leads to repentance. Be alone and hear His voice. Don’t get angry at people who are disapproving or judgy, this is not about what they think of you, it is about the fact that you fell short and restoration awaits you because Jesus restored you. It’s not about people, grow up! Whether their words hurt you or not, hear the voice of the Holy Spirit! You don’t owe anyone a clap back, that’s childish, you owe everyone love!


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