Lending A Helping Hand

Lending A Helping Hand

Be a blessing to those of the household of faith (born-again believers) – Galatians 6:10 AMP.

We’re to do good to all men. We need to lend a helping hand whenever, wherever and to whomever we can. We need to be a blessing to someone. Indeed, we’re blessed to be a blessing. Everyone has something that someone else needs. Everyone of us has something to give, whether we’re poor or rich, or in between. But as believers we need to understand that we don’t exist in silos. We’re members of God’s family of faith. We belong to the family of believers. We need to help everyone, but especially our fellow believers. Charity begins at home. Besides, this is the admonition of Scripture that we should help first and foremost, and especially those of the household of faith, born-again believers.

None should lack among us, when we have the means and the will to help them. The ministry of helps in our churches should be revived and active to proactively assist believers who are genuinely in need. All of us need to contribute – each playing their own role – to the well being and wellness of our brethren. Let’s emulate the new covenant church example, whereby the church receives and collects contributions and thereby distribute according to those who have need. This way there will be no one lacking among us. Today consider to give for those who do not have and remember that you’ve been blessed to be a blessing. Your giving is an assignment from God. The little many of us give becomes much when pooled together.


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