Consistent Faith

Consistent Faith

Therefore I say to you whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them – Mark 11:24.

Believe that you receive them. Whatever things we ask or do by faith will be done for us. Faith is consistent; it delivers results all the time. Faith is sure and reliable. You can depend on it. The outcomes of faith are repeatable again and again. This is the scientific mathematical aspect of faith; faith delivers 100% of the time. God is faithful, dependable and changeless. Since faith depends on the dependability of God so faith is dependable. We would say that faith mimics God, what God is faith is. If God cannot lie, faith cannot lie. If God cannot fail or disappoint, faith cannot fail or disappoint. Faith is God’s character that makes Him God. He is faithful. God is faithful and He doesn’t change.  Faith is as reliable, consistent and steadfast as God is. Faith is God’s integrity. God gives us faith so that we can be like Him. God is truth, and so is faith. Truth doesn’t change, and so is faith. Therefore we cannot be people of truth without faith. Faith makes us to be like God – truthful, dependable and consistent. When we backslide, don’t keep our word or suffer unbelief it’s because we lack the faith of God. That’s why the Lord Jesus tells us to have faith in God, or have the faith of God, or have the God kind of faith. This is the faith that cannot fail and works all the time anywhere for anyone.


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