Reckon With Who You Are

Reckon With Who You Are

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness – Genesis 1:26.

Fragments of our true identity are revealed to us every time the Word is preached. We see glimpses of our true potential and are challenged to step up to it. But, do we believe what is being revealed? Do we accept what the Word says about us? Do we ask ourselves pertinent questions? Because the answers to these questions determine our outcomes. What have we learned about who God is and what then does it mean to be made in His image according to His likeness? What does that say about me? What has God done, what is He doing and what is yet to come according to His Word? What assignment is on my life? How far into it am I? Nobody can aswer these questions for you, who are you, what has God said and what are you doing about it?



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