All You Need

All You Need


So you have everything when you have Christ – Colossians 2:10 TLB.

The church has swerved sharply from Christ, that is to say, from following Christ, teaching Christ and obeying Christ. So many people in the church actually don’t believe Christ. At least, by their own actions repudiate their faith in Him. Week after week the church fails to teach and reveal Christ as He is in His word. They, in fact, cannot teach nor reveal Him because they actually do not know Him. Paul says that I have asked and prayed to God for you “that you will have the rich experience of knowing Christ with real certainty and clear understanding.” Right here, lie the real problem and the answer to all the deviations from Christ. The church is leading the deviation crusade, all they focus on are people’s issues and problems and empty promises to solve them. As a result, people flock in their numbers lured by this chicanery. There is also the lure of empty, demonic prophecies that has got a really strong, tight grip on the people’s psyche. Amid this crap, Jesus is lost completely – and is only vaguely and vainly mentioned to deepen and validate the deception.

In the main, now church attendance is no longer genuine but fuelled by the fallacy of problem resolution without genuine reformation of heart and mind of a person to follow Christ. No one should dare level blame on the people, but the church that is misleading them. It’s not the church of Christ we’re talking about, but a cunningly devised web of deception that only leads to destruction and death. Don’t let no one deceive you, when you have Christ you have everything. The knowledge of Him should be our superior goal and pursuit. He is our life’s destination and destiny.


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