Living Stones, Not Dead Blocks

Living Stones, Not Dead Blocks

You [believers], like living stones, are being built up into a spiritual house – 1 Peter 2:5 AMP.

We have established that there’s a vital union of the church in Christ and of the believer in Christ, specially, through the church. It’s key how as individual believers relate to the church. We’re stones, building blocks being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit. In Christ we’re being built into a spiritual house or temple for God to dwell in by the Spirit. He uses living stones, not just stones or blocks, metaphorically believers. These are the ones His dear Son came, suffered and died for, and was raised in power and victory for them that they too should be made the sons of God. God Himself builds His house and chooses how He builds it. He chooses whithersoever to put each living stone. The stones themselves don’t choose where they want to be placed and how they should be built or fitted in the construction of the building. So every spiritually alive believer is placed in church by the Spirit, in accordance with the specifications of what the Lord is doing in and for His own house. This having been said, there are a lot of other stones that are literally being rejected in the building of the Lord’s house, because they’re neither living nor being led by the Spirit. They constantly choose where and how they must be placed in the building project. If they would humble themselves, change their minds and allow to be led they will be accepted.

There’s no overstating the critical importance of how we should relate to our local assembly as a part of the body of Christ – without which we technically have no union with Him. This is so important because there are many dying Christians in living churches who are utterly stuck in life, because they have made themselves impervious to the life streams flowing there. God’s rivers of life are flowing seamlessly and easily in all the true churches of Christ, and anyone is welcome to dive in and be completely metamorphosed into a new man bubbling over with the newness of life. Christ is the Head of His body – the church – and as members of His body we can only live and flourish to the extent that we’re connected to His body – by the way we relate to the church. According to Psalms 133, the anointing and the blessing flow in stages, from God to the Head, to the Body and to the members of the Body. Your consecration, blessing and destiny are very much connected to the church of God. Therefore, pay great attention how you’re connected.

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