Knowing God

Knowing God

The Spirit who will make you wise and reveal God to you – Ephesians 1:17 GNB.

We need all the more now to echo the prayer of Paul to ask God to give us the Spirit who will make us wise and reveal Him so that we may know Him personally and intimately, and that He may flood the eyes of our heart with His great light of revelation into the blessed hope He’s called us and the wonderful blessings He promises us. The prayer continues to ask for His revelation in us, the believers, to understand the greatness of His power that is in us, working in us, working through us and working for us. That is to say, that we may know, understand and experience the Spirit and His power for the believer. As believers, we’re more than conquerors through our relationship with the Holy Spirit, His power and His revelation of the word to us. Our Christianity is real and powerful, but we must know that it’s first of all alive and engaging. We must be fully involved, engaged and plugged in spirit, soul and body. Christianity involves the whole person. It’s transformation of the whole person, character and life. Everything God has promised the believer is fully accessible and available to him. They’re his. All the things of God belong to us, His children. We’re heirs of everything that belong to Him in heaven and earth. Our growing and increasing knowledge and understanding in the Spirit make this all the more real, palpable and accessible. Oh Holy Spirit, make us wise and reveal God to us, so that we may know Him, His promises, blessings and power to us-ward who believe.


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