Until ye be endued with power from on high – Luke 24:49.

The topic of our Sunday service message yesterday was Power, with reference to Jesus’ specific instructions of enduement of power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. This is particularly important as it marked the period and circumstances of the church’s inception. In other words, here Jesus was giving the model for His church. Three things are extremely critical at the founding or launch of the church in Acts. This happened at Pentecost and three things were given; the Holy Spirit, the Spirit gifts and the Spirit power. Holy Spirit is God, and the gifts and power are supernatural traits and abilities of the divine. God is always present in His church and so are signs, wonders, miracles and gifts of the Spirit. The church is always accompanied by supernatural manifestations because of the Holy Spirit, His gifts and power. However, we don’t always see or experience this in the church. But we do see or experience man. Man is flesh and almost always stands in the way of God. When we see less of man, we see more of God. None should try to share centre stage with God, or His glory. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Church is God’s powerhouse, and this power brings total emancipation. This is power to experience God, to heal the sick, to deliver the oppressed, to deliver addicts, to dismantle the edifices of lack, poverty and debt, to set free from death, sickness and disease, to crush down the walls of prejudice, hate and violence, to stop the devil dead in his tracks. Imagine if every church you know possessed and demonstrated this power from on high.



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