How Long

How Long

How long will you go limping between two different opinions – 1 Kings 18:21 ESV.

This was Elijah the prophet, challenging the indifference and hypocrisy of the people. They hobbled back and forth between two opinions, two choices and two sides. They were indeterminate and indecisive in their choice and decision whether they’d fully serve God or a false god, a lifeless idol called Baal. They played the hypocrite because they were neither for God nor for Baal. They had a limp of faith. Their faith was crippled, lame, paralyzed. They were not aware of this. They lived life on the convenient side. They didn’t have to deal with a prick of conscience whichever side they were on at any given time. They had settled in this mess, in their undefined spiritual state. They were backslidden from God without knowing it. They were fallen from grace, and unapproved of faith. So many are in this state today. They’re unapproved of the faith, fallen from grace and backslidden from God without knowing it. They’re playing the hypocrite with the world. They’re neither fully for the world nor for God. They’re living life on the convenient side. They no longer have any prick of conscience any more. Their faith is not working, it’s paralyzed, it’s non-existent. They have dead faith. They still believe they’re Christians when actually they’re apostates. With their mouth they love God, but deny Him with their actions. It was at this point that the Lord challenged the people to change and choose whom they’d serve, God or the world. Perhaps you have unwittingly sunk to this level, with your mouth you love God but your actions betray you. Your whole life right now might be a big fat giant betrayal. The Lord is challenging you to awake from spiritual stupor and slumber. Hell beneath is excited to receive you should you expire today. Make the right choice, be on the right side.  You can’t have one foot in the world and one foot in God. You can’t be betwixt and between. “And the people did not answer him a word,” 1 Kings 18:21.



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