Do Not Quench The Spirit

Do Not Quench The Spirit

Don’t suppress the Spirit – 1 Thessalonians 5:19 MSG

Don’t pretend you didn’t hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to you. A lot of Christians do not want to be told anything by anyone, they are ultra sensitive and easily offended, by things that are often not even remotely offensive. It’s fine, though not the standard, if you are not going to listen to a fellow brother in Christ, listen to the Holy Spirit. He is the Spirit of unity and never causes discord, so if He instructs you not to do something, don’t stifle Him. Sometimes He is even dismissed as a demonic voice just because we don’t want to be instructed in righteousness and corrected.

He will tell you when you are making the wrong decision, but you will make the decision anyway because you are so bent on what you want to do and how you want to do it. But the Spirit of God will never change His narrative. He will tell you which is the path and choices that lead to life and peace, and which lead to destruction. Some of the brethren are quick to be discouraged and dejected instead of checking back with the instruction of the Spirit whether they were watchful to obey it or not. Often times it is not obeyed!

Listen to Him, He is the voice of reason and truth. He elevates you from worldly status to spiritual, He diverts you from the path of destruction which is often so enticing to us when we are not growing in the Word, but listen to Him, learn from Him. He is of a gentle and lowly heart and never forceful, incline your ears to the instruction of the Lord by His Spirit and avoid the headache that comes with disobedience. God never fails, if you are frustrated in your Christian walk, check back to when you departed from the Spirit!


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