The night is far spent, the day is at hand – Romans 13:12.

There’s speed and brevity to time that is both uncanny and scary. The year ends as soon as it has begun. There isn’t much time anymore. The gap between January and December is mysteriously short, to say the least. It’s inscrutable.  This is a repeating phenomenon year after year, especially of late. Everything seems to happen at breakneck speed out of everyone’s awareness. There seems to be some sort of urgency in the natural and spiritual realms. Something is brewing and it’s about to bubble over, there’s a shaking, a quiet storm, an alignment of things, events, time and seasons. This is the worst period to snooze from the consciousness of supernatural reality. Things are coming to a head. We’re living on the Valley of Decision daily. The end of the age is near, the final curtain call is looming large, the end of all things is approaching treacherously fast like a runaway freight train.

The devil knows how short the time is for him and his crew. So don’t slumber, stay awake and keep watching. Our salvation is closer now than when we first believed. The end of a thing is better than its beginning. Aim to end stronger than you began. It’s not about how best you start, but how best you finish. At this time than ever before we must be serious, steadfast and immovable from the faith of our Lord. At the end of the Book in Revelation it states clearly that those who end strong shall be crowned. Be patient, persevere, stay the course and end victoriously. Don’t entertain your heart’s desires nor the thoughts of your head but what the Bible says – because it’s the only thing that can and will save you. Satan cannot force you to be or to do anything, he only entices by exaggerating or magnifying what’s already in you. So shut the door of your heart to his chicanery, and listen only to the voice of the Spirit who lives in you. Christ in you, the hope of glory.


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