Thursday, 6 December 2018

God does not change his mind about whom he chooses and blesses – Romans 11:29 GNB.

God is faithful. He’s faithful and true to us concerning His promises. He doesn’t promise and then renege on it. Time and again He kept reminding the obstinate, headstrong nation of Israel that He would fulfil everything He promised their fathers for their fathers’ sake, not because of them. He was faithful to the promise He made to the nation’s patriarchs, although the nation had gone astray from following Him. Such is God’s nature, who He is. Once He promises He fulfils. He cannot go back on His word. That’s why His word is so important to Him, and should be to us, as well. Caleb knew God well and that He’s a promise keeper. That’s why after 45 years he went back to Joshua, reminded him of the promise the Lord made about his inheritance and demanded it be given to him. Joshua also knew God well and that He keeps His promises, so without so much as a word he peacefully gave Caleb what was due to him because of God’s promise. You see, God’s promise doesn’t become passé. He’s faithful to keep His word to us, even when we’re unfaithful and unbelieving. Believe God, wait for Him and stake your life on His word.


Believe God, wait for Him and stake your life on His word”


Like in the example of Caleb, it would seem there are many promises lying unclaimed by God’s people. Maybe along the way they grew weary and stopped believing. Whatever the reason could be, what God promises doesn’t change or expire. The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable, or cannot be withdrawn. He doesn’t change His mind concerning His word or promise He’s made. He’s reliable, trust Him. He’s faithful, believe Him. He’s compassionate, love Him. Our God doesn’t change; He showers us with His loving kindness anew every day. He’s merciful, gracious and patient with us. We can always go back to Him if we have wandered off from His word of promise. He’s always willing and ready to forgive and forget. Don’t give up on your blessing!

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